When is it necessary to visit the vet?

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I know this is a question that all pet owners have.  When is it necessary to visit the vet, and when is it OK to wait a few days to see if the ailment goes away?  Here are some general problems that pets get, and what my recommendations are.

1.) Vomiting:  If your pet is vomiting, assess how often and what it looks like.  If they vomit once a day or are vomiting intermittently, you probably don’t need to rush them in.  Determine if your pet has had a change in anything, did you switch food too quickly, or did your pet eat something they are trying to get out of their system.   If they are vomiting a couple times a day, but are acting normal otherwise,  I would stop the dog food and fast them for up to 24 hours.  Then introduce bland foods like boiled chicken and rice, or cottage cheese.  Once the vomiting stops, usually I wait a couple of days, then slowly introduce their dog food back in.  Do this slowly over the course of a couple of days to a week.  If they are vomiting more than a few times a day, and they are acting lethargic or sick, I would take them in to the vet.  The things you have to be concerned about include dehydration, or possible obstruction in the intestines.

2.) Diarrhea:  If the diarrhea is intermittent or just a couple of times, and your pet is acting normal, I wouldn’t rush them in.  They may have just gotten into something and it will run its course.  If your pet has blood in their diarrhea, or they are acting lethargic or don’t seem to be feeling well, I think it is definitely a good idea to take them in.  Things you have to be concerned about include dehydration, parasites or Pancreatitis.   You can also use the 24 fasting method with bland food for Diarrhea, that I talked about with vomiting.

3.) Limping: If you notice your pet is limping, give them a couple of days of strict rest.  If it doesn’t get better, I would take them in and try some medications like Tramadol or Rimadyl.  If they continue to limp after a week or two on medications and rest, then some x-rays are probably necessary.

If you have any other questions regarding when it is necessary to take your pet to the vet, email me at dbozlinski@petopia.tv


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