Winter Reading for the Animal Lover

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Dewey’s Nine Lives –

“Dewey’s Nine Lives” is a follow-up book to the bestseller “Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat that Touched the World.” Now I admit I’m a dog person, but I also have a huge respect for cats. Their spirit and attitude seem so different from dogs, but the bond we have with them as pets is just as deep.
Dewey, a little orange cat, was abandoned in the book drop of a small-town library in Iowa one cold winter night and saved by the library director Vicki Myron. The first book tells about how Dewey became  a soothing presence in the library. This second book tells more personal stories of the people Dewey touched and the legacy he left behind.
I especially like this quote from one of Dewey’s fans who describes what cats mean to so many of us:

“Some cats are special because they are sweet. Some cats are special because they are survivors. Some cats are special because they were exactly what someone needed at exactly the time they needed it: a soul mate, a companion, a distraction, a friend. And some cats are just plain crazy.”   Watch Dewey’s Video.

Kasey to the Rescue – The Remarkable Story of a Monkey and a Miracle

I first read about Kasey in a magazine article and I was instantly drawn to how a small monkey helped a family through one of the most difficult challenges life can deal you.  When 22-year old Ned is left paralyzed and brain damaged after a car accident, his mother Ellen was left to help him redefine his shattered life. For Ellen, she had suddenly become what she called an accidental caregiver.
The book “Kasey to the Rescue” is Ellen’s account about how a trained therapy monkey  named Kasey helped them through their darkest days and became Ned’s “wingman.” But it didn’t happen overnight and Kasey was about as high-maintenance an animal as they come. Ellen was not only taking care of her paralyzed son, but also learning how to deal with a “Diva,” and make monkey chow.

“Kasey to the Rescue” is a heartwarming story and a lesson in making lemonade out of some pretty bitter lemons.

K9 Heroes –

I have to admit I have a real soft spot for working dogs, especially K9 cops, military dogs, search/rescue dogs and therapy dogs. “K9 Heroes” is Nicole Arbelo’s first book and a true tribute to her love of the dedication of the dogs of war. Nicole chronicles the stories of military dogs and their handlers and the incredible risks they take every day.

The book showcases the bond born out of the instinct for survival and loyalty. “K9 Heroes” can be quite the tear jerker. Some of those profiled are killed in the line of duty and we get a true sense of their courage and commitment to our country. The stories and photographs Nicole includes in her book are touching and inspiring. She did an amazing job for a first time author and for anyone wanting to learn more about the military dogs of war along with stories of courage and sacrifice, this is a great read!

Fixing Freddie –

Freddie the beagle is every dog trainer’s worst nightmare. Like “Marley and Me,” Freddie gives his owner Paula Munier constant entertainment, frustration and pure love. Paula chronicles these adventures in “Fixing Freddie.” By the way Freddie even has his own You Tube channel.

But more than just the story about a very bad dog, this memoir is more about a single mom navigating some difficult challenges in life and learning to live with what she calls a very, very bad Beagle. Although it didn’t quite grab me and tear my heart apart like “Marley and Me,” it’s still a fun read that most dog owners can relate to.

Freddi the Dog –

The children’s book “Freddi the Dog,” is not related at all to the book “Fixing Freddi,” just a popular name for naughty dogs I suppose. “Freddi the Dog,” is by Lisa and Randy Herman, with whimsical illustrations that kids will love by Bruce Hammond. Freddi is the Herman’s real dog, an English Bull Terrier whose full name is Fredricka. It’s a cute story about how Freddi has a habit of eating everything in the house, especially when her naughty bone gets tickled. It’s a silly story that you’ll enjoy reading to the little ones.

Many families will be able to relate to having a dog that thinks a cell phone is a chew toy and underwear left on the floor, smelly cheese. In fact, my sister-in-law’s dog Bella got into a lot of trouble after gulping down socks and underwear… sending the pooch right to the animal ER. I recommend “Freddi the Dog” and look forward to her next adventures.

-Nina Jimenez



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