“The Love That Dog Training Program” Book Review

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I recently got asked to review a book for Petopia.tv called “The Love That Dog Training Program.  I thought it would be interesting to brush up on some of my training skills and see if my ideas were similar to those of a very renowned trainer.  Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz has worked with dogs in famous families, such as the Kennedy’s and the Obama’s.

What struck me initially is that Dawn is a normal person who had animal training fall into her lap.  She became one only because she loved dogs.  She had a normal life with kids and family and found her life taking a turn during a divorce and needing to bring in an income for herself.

There are always areas of training that you can brush up on, and the wonderful thing about training is there are so many ways to train a behavior that you can always pull ideas from other people.  Dawn does a wonderful job of explaining training in simple everyday terminology that everyone can understand.  She bases her training on positive reinforcement but is not afraid to admit that even she used other methods of training that have been more accepted in the past.  Such methods as punishing for accidents in the house.  One of the hardest concepts to understand as a trainer is positive and negative reinforcement and positive and negative punishment.  I will spare you the details in this blog, but if you are interested, you can e-mail me or read “The Love That Dog Training Program.”  Dawn diagrams it out so everyone can understand the principles.
In this book, Dawn prepares a new family thinking about getting a dog.  She covers everything you should consider from choosing the right dog, going to the shelter, working with breeders, and developing training goals.  She even provides checklists, including what supplies you will need and dog proofing your home and yard.  She literally covers everything in detail.  You will even learn to set up your daily routine based on your new puppies needs.

Once you have the necessities, you can begin learning how to train the basic training behaviors to create an obedient healthy puppy.  These include sit, stay, come, crate training, luring and leash walking, down and release.  Dawn explains everything very well and teaches you how to be consistent and successful.

For the more advanced pet, Dawn gives ideas on how to do more advanced tricks and behaviors, such as using a clicker, shaking, rolling over, targeting and fetching just to name a few.
“The Love That Dog Training Program”  is a wonderful book.  I was able to confirm some training principles I practice, as well as brush up on some of the other behaviors that I have not trained in a while.  It is very easy to read and understand so any pet owner can succeed.  I highly recommend this book to anyone thinking of getting a new dog, or anyone that has just taken that leap and is ready to get started training their new addition with basic obedience and puppy needs.

Devon Gaudet; dbozlinski@petopia.tv


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