Cleaning Up Pet Messes and Housebreaking Confusion

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For pint sized Lola there is one room, one spot in the house where she thinks it’s okay to do her business. The guest room is the least frequently used room and the farthest away from our family activities. Perhaps Lola believes this qualifies it as “outside.”  Fortunately, Lola does not have this housebreaking lapse anywhere else and when we travel she’s always on her best bathroom behavior. So how do I break her from sneaking off to go in this one spot in my house?

At one point it got so bad I had to get the carpet cleaned and bought an air humidifier to get rid of the smell. These days I keep a baby gate up to keep her away from that one spot. I realize in doing this I may be missing out on the opportunity to catch her in the act, but I couldn’t take it anymore. Eventually my false sense of security led to a set back when I forgot to put up the baby gate.  Sure enough I walked into the room and there it was, a small package from Lola in that corner, in that spot… in that room!

Although I missed the teaching moment, I did use it as a chance to test out the “RESOLVE Pet Stain” carpet stain remover I was recently sent. I followed the directions, picked up the poop, blotted up the residue, sprayed the area down, waited three minutes and than blotted it up with a damp cloth. No stain was left behind, but I could still smell the RESOLVE and I think I still detected some of Lola’s leftovers. I have a pretty sensitive nose so I asked my husband to take a whiff. He didn’t smell any dog poop or RESOLVE, so it seemed to work. I would definitely give this product positive marks for cleaning up pet messes.

"The Culprit"

"The Spot"

But Lola is still in the dog house and the real problem is not RESOLVED. Why does a certain 14-pound dog thinks a certain spot in the house is fair game for you know what?
Suggestions anyone for housebreaking an adult dog with selective bathroom habits…

-Nina Jimenez


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One Response to “Cleaning Up Pet Messes and Housebreaking Confusion”

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Hey Nina-
I am sure you have tried this, but what about covering the spot with a throw rug? I know lot of people with cats have this problem. I am not familiar with the names, but I think there are some products out there that you can use to spray on the spot that changes whatever it is that makes her want to go there. Let me know if you want me to do a little more research on it for you.

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