Dezi Puts DERMagic to the Test

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After the Heart Walk, a long game of fetch in the park and rolling around in the yard, it was time for Dezi to get a much needed bath.

Dezi has skin allergies, which means she is always licking her paws.  Her condition has actually gotten much better since we adopted her in July, but when I was contacted by a company called DERMagic about their new shampoo bar for dogs with stubborn skin conditions, I knew I had to try it.  The shampoo bar is all natural and made from organic products.

I could smell the bar of soap before I even opened up the box.  I love the lemongrass spearmint scent – our bathroom smelled like a spa! I lathered Dezi up and rubbed her down with the bar of shampoo.  I washed her paws really well, in between her toes and all the raw spots that she licks.

A few minutes after her bath, I noticed how soft her fur was, and she smelled fresh. My girl was clean and beautiful!

Today (two days after her bath), I notice she isn’t licking her paws as much, and the raw spots are no longer bright pink.  I have only used the bar of shampoo once and saw results. The company claims “the healing powers” in the bar are sulfur and neem oil – just in case you don’t know what neem oil is (I know I didn’t) it’s a vegetable oil pressed from the fruits and seeds of neem – an evergreen tree native to India.

I originally was going to put the shampoo bar in a plastic soap container, but the owner of the company suggests letting it air dry, so it will stay hard and last longer, or using the cardboard box it comes in as a container, preventing it from getting soft and dissolving quickly.

Dezi gives this pet product four paws up!

Learn more about DERMagic and its products.


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2 Responses to “Dezi Puts DERMagic to the Test”

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Dezi… Thanks for trying our products! Just one comment here… Please never put these organic soaps into plastic. They should air dry! If they remain out in the air, they will stay nice and hard and will last for a very long time. In plastic they might get soft, and will dissolve more quickly. Our cardboard box, that the spoo bar comes in, is a perfect little container!
Thanks again! We’re glad you like our shampoo bars!
Best – Adelia

Thanks for the tip! I changed the entry a bit to reflect this info. Congrats on the success of your company and great products!

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