Life as a Stay-at-home, Somewhat Unemployed, Dog Mom

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Last year I joined the ranks of the unemployed and my “furry kids” couldn’t be happier. (FYI… I was laid off a PR job) So while I look for a full-time job and juggle a variety of freelance and part time jobs, Indy, my 5-year old Border Collie and Lola, a 3-year old mini Australian Shepherd get a lot of extra walks and attention.

Now I realize a “dog mom” is nothing like the real deal. When I leave the house, I can conveniently leave my kids lounging in their comfortable and well shaded dog run. But when I am at home, networking on the computer, working on a video project , on a conference call with clients or even a phone interview, they’re right there at my feet. Indy and Lola have become my cheerleaders and confidantes. They also instinctively know when I’m feeling down and need a snuggle.

My at home days give me a little peek into the advantages of being a stay-at-home mom,  or “dog mom.” For a long time, I was on the fifty plus hour a week fast track. Each day the “furry kids” would patiently wait for me to come home and throw a small tail wagging party when I walked in the door. But now, Indy, Lola and I often face the days together. At first the dogs spent a lot of time staring at me, wondering why I wasn’t scurrying around gathering up my things and disappearing.

These days Indy will challenge me to a mid-afternoon ball toss and Lola might get an extra brush out before dinner. We’re free to head to dog beach or stroll the neighborhood. We’ll even exercise some retail therapy at the neighborhood pet store. Yes, life is good for the “furry kids.” I’ve also noticed the extraordinary amount of time they spend napping!

I confess, my time as a stay-at-home dog mom has been a treat. But the reality is I’m still pursuing my career. I’m anxious to find new challenges and I know just the right opportunity will come along. I can say that after experiencing some quality time with the “furry kids,” I have a new appreciation for the importance of work life balance.

-Nina Jimenez

Indy and Lola


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I understand where you are coming from! I’ve been working from home for a little over 2 months now… totally different ball game.

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