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Dezi Puts DERMagic to the Test

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After the Heart Walk, a long game of fetch in the park and rolling around in the yard, it was time for Dezi to get a much needed bath.

Dezi has skin allergies, which means she is always licking her paws.  Her condition has actually gotten much better since we adopted her in July, but when I was contacted by a company called DERMagic about their new shampoo bar for dogs with stubborn skin conditions, I knew I had to try it.  The shampoo bar is all natural and made from organic products.

I could smell the bar of soap before I even opened up the box.  I love the lemongrass spearmint scent – our bathroom smelled like a spa! I lathered Dezi up and rubbed her down with the bar of shampoo.  I washed her paws really well, in between her toes and all the raw spots that she licks.

A few minutes after her bath, I noticed how soft her fur was, and she smelled fresh. My girl was clean and beautiful!

Today (two days after her bath), I notice she isn’t licking her paws as much, and the raw spots are no longer bright pink.  I have only used the bar of shampoo once and saw results. The company claims “the healing powers” in the bar are sulfur and neem oil – just in case you don’t know what neem oil is (I know I didn’t) it’s a vegetable oil pressed from the fruits and seeds of neem – an evergreen tree native to India.

I originally was going to put the shampoo bar in a plastic soap container, but the owner of the company suggests letting it air dry, so it will stay hard and last longer, or using the cardboard box it comes in as a container, preventing it from getting soft and dissolving quickly.

Dezi gives this pet product four paws up!

Learn more about DERMagic and its products.

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Heart Walk with Dezi

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Our family photo at the Heart Walk

My husband and I did the Heart Walk on Sunday to support the American Heart Association. UC San Diego’s Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center was a sponsor. I work in the marketing and communications department at UC San Diego – it’s my “other job” that pays the bills while is a labor of love.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take Bogart to events like this, but Dezi fit right in. Although at first she was over stimulated with all the sights, smells and sounds, she eventually calmed down and did the whole three mile walk! She sniffed some furry butts along the way and made a lot of human friends.

BTW, we have been using the gentle leader, as you can see in the pictures, and it makes a huge difference when walking her.

It was a wonderful way to kick off our Sunday. We did realize throughout the walk that Dezi the Diva liked drinking out of a water bottle and not the bowls provided, but with all the dog slobber from all sorts of four legged walkers in the bowls, I can’t blame her for taking a pass!

Dezi the Diva drinking out of a friend's water bottle

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Life as a Stay-at-home, Somewhat Unemployed, Dog Mom

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Last year I joined the ranks of the unemployed and my “furry kids” couldn’t be happier. (FYI… I was laid off a PR job) So while I look for a full-time job and juggle a variety of freelance and part time jobs, Indy, my 5-year old Border Collie and Lola, a 3-year old mini Australian Shepherd get a lot of extra walks and attention.

Now I realize a “dog mom” is nothing like the real deal. When I leave the house, I can conveniently leave my kids lounging in their comfortable and well shaded dog run. But when I am at home, networking on the computer, working on a video project , on a conference call with clients or even a phone interview, they’re right there at my feet. Indy and Lola have become my cheerleaders and confidantes. They also instinctively know when I’m feeling down and need a snuggle.

My at home days give me a little peek into the advantages of being a stay-at-home mom,  or “dog mom.” For a long time, I was on the fifty plus hour a week fast track. Each day the “furry kids” would patiently wait for me to come home and throw a small tail wagging party when I walked in the door. But now, Indy, Lola and I often face the days together. At first the dogs spent a lot of time staring at me, wondering why I wasn’t scurrying around gathering up my things and disappearing.

These days Indy will challenge me to a mid-afternoon ball toss and Lola might get an extra brush out before dinner. We’re free to head to dog beach or stroll the neighborhood. We’ll even exercise some retail therapy at the neighborhood pet store. Yes, life is good for the “furry kids.” I’ve also noticed the extraordinary amount of time they spend napping!

I confess, my time as a stay-at-home dog mom has been a treat. But the reality is I’m still pursuing my career. I’m anxious to find new challenges and I know just the right opportunity will come along. I can say that after experiencing some quality time with the “furry kids,” I have a new appreciation for the importance of work life balance.

-Nina Jimenez

Indy and Lola

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Dog Vs. Squirrel

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It’s Friday night… woo… hoo and my friend Jackie just sent these funny pictures. I’m not sure where she got them, but they’re just too cute not to share. Don’t we all have those moments where it’s… what the heck just happened?

Can you imagine being the photographer who caught this?

Dog  has baby squirrel pinned down and mom sees it from up above.

Mom takes out!

The baby squirrel gets away and mom appears to console baby.

And the dog… W.T… heck, did I just get my butt kicked by a squirrel?

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Animal Planet’s Pit Boss

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Nina and I went to the HWAC Surf Dog Contest on Sunday and had so much fun!  We saw dogs surfing backwards, holding the surf leash in their mouth and body boarding – only in California!  The crowd was huge with a variety of vendors and celebrity guests – like Animal Planet’s Pit Boss – Shorty.  He seemed very cool and took the time to take pictures with everyone in line.  I was excited to meet him and take a pic – his pit bull is beautiful and so well behaved!  Learn more about Pit Boss

– Michelle Brubaker

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2011 – The Year of the Dog?

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Orvis the dog calendar 2011:

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe we’re already talking about 2011! Why is it that the days and years seem to race by? This is what went through my mind when I received a copy of the Orvis 2011 dog calendar. I admit I’m ready to say good-by to 2010. Between the economy and the difficulties so many people are having, let’s hope 2011 is filled with nothing but tail wags.
I love the cover shot of the golden retriever named Dylan.  You can sense the pure pleasure as he swims with his prized tennis ball stuck in his mouth. Dylan also happens to be a cancer survivor. You don’t often think of animals getting cancer, but unfortunately they’re just like us in that way.
Orvis collaborated with the Morris Animal Foundation and its Canine Cancer Campaign on this calendar, which is very cool. All of the pictures in the calendar are apparently from a customer photo contest that was held.

I’m pretty sure this will be the calendar I post in my pantry for 2011. The furry faces are hard to resist. I love February’s picture of the two black labs   snuggled up together. Monty and Toto, the two little pups featured in June are also adorable. There are also some great quotes throughout the calendar, like:

“Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.” -Roger Caras

Here’s where to find out more about Orvis and its next dog photo contest & calendar:

I give it four paws up!!   -Nina Jimenez

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Dog or Fish?

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Over Labor Day Weekend, John and I took Dezi to a relative’s house to swim in their pool.  She loves the water!  We threw her ball in the pool, and she jumped right in.  I must say, she is an amazing swimmer – she might even put Michael Phelps to shame with the doggie paddle!  She is a five-year-old Lab with hip dysplasia that acts like a strong puppy in the water.  Our vet told us swimming is the best form of exercise for dogs with hip dysplasia, so we just let her swim to her heart’s delight for two hours!

Dezi showing the "boys" how it's done!

Dezi was one of four dogs – and the only girl – at the pool that day.  John and I were very proud that our girl was the only dog to jump in the pool all on her own and swim around.  The other dogs just watched from the sidelines – it was obvious Dezi was the main attraction.  After being thrown in, the other dogs swam, but they swam right to the stairs to get out!  Dezi did laps with her tennis ball in her mouth and even jumped off the diving board – she will pretty much do anything to retrieve her ball!

As I watched and laughed at my adorable dog, I just kept thinking, “Seriously, is she part fish?”

Watch video of Dezi swimming in the pool and jumping off the diving board

– Michelle Brubaker

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Dezi’s Trip to PETCO – Miss Popularity!

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Dezi Getting a Belly Rub at PETCO

The past month with our dog Dezi has been so much fun! She is a great dog and has brought a wonderful energy into our home. Her puppy spirit and soulful eyes just melt my heart.

We can take her anywhere – she loves car rides!  This week, I decided to take her to PETCO with me.  As soon as we walked in, Dezi was overstimulated with all the fun things in the store, after all, it is where the pets go!

After a few seconds of walking through the door, Dezi became PETCO’s newest greeter, going up to every single person in the store to introduce herself and use her cuteness and tail wag to get treats and lots of rubs. No one was going to get by her without her saying hello.  She lights up when she is around people, and she makes them smile.  Even a few people who didn’t seem warm and fuzzy, couldn’t resist a grin when she would sit right next to them and look up with her big, beautiful eyes as if to say “you can pet me now!”  The PETCO employees also spoiled her with treats as she proudly showed them her tricks (sit, lay down and shake).

She even made a dog friend – an adorable Boxer mix who wanted to go shopping with my girl. I mean, that is what girls do! They walked down the aisles together sniffing each other and all the merchandise.

Finally, it was time to check out. I was a bit preoccupied with my cart and purse and all the cans of cat food I was juggling. I turned to look at Dezi, and there she was – on her back spread eagle getting a belly rub from a complete stranger! I realized right then and there that I just might have the world’s most social dog!

When we walked out, everyone in the store waved and said “Bye Dezi!” They had no idea what my name was, but who really cares about me when there is a beautiful blond with a great personality who knows tricks and will show her goods for a belly rub standing right next to me!

– Michelle Brubaker

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