Messy 3am Wake Up Call – Pets Like Kids?

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I don’t have human children yet, just my dog and cat. I’ve heard you should get a plant, a pet and then have a baby. I’ve often thought that furry kids have similarities to human kids – although I obviously  know the difference! The other night I was sleeping sound in dream land when I woke up to the awful sound of my cat dry heaving right next to me in bed. I know this sound well by now and brace myself for the mess that follows. Cat owners, you know what I mean! In my half awake state of mind, I looked around for something to put under Cody’s mouth. I was panicking – wasn’t there a magazine, paper towel, dirty sock anything laying around? Of course not! So, my attempt failed, and Cody barfed all over our bed. It was fur and grass that lead to this smelly mess that I now had to clean up at 3 am. Part of me was so annoyed because the last thing I wanted to do at this hour was clean up cat vomit, but when I looked at his little face, I just couldn’t help but pet him, tell him it was going to be OK and forget about the fact that I was annoyed. The next 30 min. were spent cleaning up the comforter, sheet, pillow case and mattress. By this time Cody was sitting in our windowsill enjoying life and not having a care in the world that I was cleaning up after him. The things we do for our pets make me think that maybe this is nature’s way of preparing me for life as a parent of a human baby. For those of you with pets or both pets and kids, does this sound familiar? What funny stories like this would you like to share?

Michelle Brubaker


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