Recovering from a Kitty Crack Addiction

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If you haven’t already, please watch my Kitty Crack story, which essentially has become part one of this blog entry. Although my efforts in weaning Cody off of his kibble fix and starting to feed him foods like tuna, chicken, turkey and salmon were a step in the right direction, I wasn’t hitting the target. After watching the segment I produced, pet expert Tracie Hotchner e-mailed to let me know she was proud of my furry recovering addict, but I was missing a few steps. Oops – tuna is a big NO NO for cats. Just like humans, you run the risk of too much mercury and other dangerous metals. Since I don’t want my cat to grow two heads, I immediately stopped feeding him his fishy treat. Turkey and chicken alone won’t give cats the balanced diet they need for a healthy, long life.  I needed to feed Cody canned, wet food. Now, I have tried giving Cody canned food in the past, and he basically lifted up his nose and refused to eat it, so I thought it was a lost cause, but I was on a mission and had to remember who was the boss! I looked up recommended canned cat food on Tracie’s Cat Chat Approved List and found several options. I bought different flavors of the canned food brand Wellness home for Cody. I sprinkled just a little bit of kibble on top to get him started. He sniffed it and looked at me like, “What the hell is this?” I walked away and waited to see what he would do. At first, he took each piece of kibble out of his bowl and ate it. Then, he started licking the wet food, and before I knew it, he was chowing down! This morning I sprinkled less kibble on top, and he ate his whole serving of wet food. I’m shocked and happy to know I now have the tools and knowledge to feed my cat a healthy diet that he actually likes! It is more expensive and time consuming, but keeping my cat healthy is priceless. Now I can say I’ve hit the bullseye!

Michelle Brubaker


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