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Why do cats hate water? Well, I don’t know that it is true to say cats hate water.  Unlike dogs, most of which have swimming in their instincts, cats just aren’t in contact with it as often.  If you give a dog a bath that has never seen water, they are probably going to be pretty nervous as well.  The key to getting your cat to accept water is to create a positive reinforcement history behind it.  Start with small steps and give them lots of love and treats for accepting it.  Then gradually increase the exposure to water.

Keep in mind some cats, like tigers (although they are not house cats) love water.

Can you toilet train your cat? Absolutely, it has been done by many people.  Cats have a bad reputation of not being trainable.  The truth is, you can definitely train our cat, you just have to know what they like for reinforcement.  Small approximations are again the key to toilet training your cat.  Start with a round litter box, gradually move it closer to toilet, then high, then on the lid, then under the lid, then gradually remove the litter, and take away the pan.  Of course this is easier to type than do, but if you stay consistent and go slowly it can be done.

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