Cats and Urinary Problems

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Continuing with my month of Cat information, I wanted to talk about Feline Urologic Syndrom (FUS).  This is a very common disease that affects many cats, especially males.  FUS or sometimes called FLUID is a urinary disease common in cats.  There is not a specific cause of the disease, but we most often see it in male cats that become obstructed in the urethra.  In females, you may see struggling to urinate, blood or misuse of litter box.  You less frequently see a female obstructed.  Therefore, I am going to focus on the males.  An obstructed male is an emergency and should be taken immediately to the veterinarian.  FUS could potentially occur due to inflammation, crystals in the urine due to diet, water intake, trauma or anatomical abnormalities.  If obstruction occurs, it can damage the bladder, cause kidney malfunctions and effect the PH of the urine.  FUS can be fatal if not treated.

Treatment usually involves a few days of urinary catheter placement, monitoring blood and re-hydrating with IV fluids.  Often FUS can be controlled with a good diet designed to balance the PH of the urine.  Most store-bought foods have a high mineral content that contributes to FUS.  In extreme cases, FUS may require surgery where the anatomy of the male cat is changed by doing a perineal urethrostomy (PU).  While this is a more extreme measure, a successful surgery will usually cure the cat of any future symptoms.

A veterinarian I used to work for thought there was a tie to FUS with male cats that frequently went outside.  He said he noticed an increase in FUS when the weather began turning cooler.  Cats that were used to urinating outside, were suddenly spending more time inside the house.  Because they were not as used to using te litter box, they would hold their urine for longer periods of time.  This could contribute to the disease.  It is important to have your pet litter box trained and keep multiple litter boxes in the house.  Clean each box daily.

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