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So this week one of my friends was looking at and E-mailed me and said “This site needs way more cat content.”  I told him I agree, and that is not the first time I have heard that.  Not having cats, it is harder for me to blog about them, but with the years of veterinary experience I have, I thought I could come up with a series for the month about cat facts.  Each week, I will give some more medical advice or tips about taking care of your loving cat.  This week, I will talk about Feline Diabetes.

Unlike dogs, many owners free feed their cats.  Since cats like to do things on their own time, owners will just leave the food sitting out and let the cats eat as much as they want.  It is still important, even if you are free feeding, to measure out the amount of food your cat is getting.  On each bag, there should be a feeding guide with how much your should feed your pet.  Remember you always want to feed an adult cat for the weight it should be, not the weight it is.  That means if you have an over or under weight cat, feed for the ideal weight the cat should be.  If you are free feeding, this amount is the total amount your cat should get for the day.  If you want to split this amount into smaller meals that is fine too.  Some people suggest feeding a mix of wet and dry food for your cat.  This is because a cats natural food would be high protein meats with low carbohydrates.  Adding the wet food, increases the amount of protein making up the diet.

Where am I going with this….Overweight cats are extremely prone to diabetes.  It is just as important to exercise your cat as it is your dog.  You can do this by playing with different toys, or making him run to his treats or food, having him climb on exercise play yards etc.

If your cat has been living with undiagnosed diabetes, there is a chance they have lost weight, getting them regulated will help them to maintain a correct weight.

Diabetes is a very treatable disease.  By giving a very small injection twice daily, your cat can be regulated.  Often times by controlling  your cats weight, the symptoms will disappear.  In the beginning of diagnosis, you will have to do blood work routinely to determine when they are controlled, once their blood glucose is regulated, you will be able to go up to six months without having the blood work done.

For more information about feline diabetes, check out or email me at


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I’m excited for cat content!! My cat is kind of a little fatso, since she’s just inside only.

Also, I used to try and give her wet food, but she always just licks some of the sauce and doesn’t eat the rest — is it okay that she just eats dry food?

Love the site!

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