Separation Anxiety

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Many pets suffer from separation anxiety.  It is understandable considering the bond that humans and their pets have.  Separation anxiety is a difficult situation, but there are a few things we can do to soothe our pets when we have to leave them.

1.)  Create a place such as a kennel that is their “safe” zone.  They get lots of love, treats, food in this place.  They should be extremely comfortable in this spot. 

2.)  Try to wear your pet out before you have to leave them.  Take them to the park or the beach.  If they are tired when you leave and are in their “safe’ zone they will be more inclined to go to sleep.

3.) When you leave and come home, dont get excited.  Don’t bring attention to the fact that you are coming and going.

4.) Make sure you pet has lots of things to do when you are good.  Give him tons of toys, kongs with peanut butter, anything that night keep his attention on things that are good for him to do, and away from destructive behavior. 

These are just a few tips, if you have a problem with separation anxiety, email me at and we can discuss your case specifically and come up with a training plan.


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