Don’t Let Your Pets Get Spooked On Halloween

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halloween dog

Halloween is right around the corner and there are some important tips to follow to keep you pets safe around the “Scary” holiday.

1.) Keep your pets confined to an area in your house.  This will keep them from running out the door and running away when trick or treaters come. This will also avoid having kids get scared from barking dogs.

2.) Keep your black cats inside. Seems like a strange recommendation, but there are a lot of weird people out there and Halloween can bring out some strange characters.

3.) Keep candy out of reach of the pets. The cocoa in chocolate can be toxic to pets. The darker the chocolate the more toxic it can be. If your pet does ingest chocolate, call your local emergency vet, depending on the weight of your pet and the type and amount of chocolate they ate, they may need to go in to the vet or have vomiting induced.  Be sure to keep wrappers out of reach as well so your pet doesn’t choke or get blocked.

4.) Also avoid candies with Xylitol, a sugar substitute, many gums have this, it can be extremely harmful to pets.

5.) Be careful of candles.  Even though  they make great “scary” light, they can be knocked over by pets and cause a fire.

6.) Make sure your pets have ID tags on with your contact information in case they do get out.  Also having a microchip implanted is a wonderful idea to help recover any escapees.

Most of all have a Happy and Safe Halloween!


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