Don’t forget to care about all creatures

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My Tip this week isn’t so much a training tip, but just some words of wisdom.  My work with different species of animals from dolphins, cats, dogs, rodents, sea lions, to seals has made me really respect all creatures.  Each animal, plant, insect has a place in this world and it is here because it is part of the important ecosystem.  With the world in shambles about global warming, the melting of the ice burgs, endangered species, and carbon emissions, I think it is important to do what each of us can to go green and maybe come up with some “out of the box” ideas to help the planet.  I received this email about a bees hive under a BBQ.  My first thought was oh my gosh, thank goodness no one was hurt.   However when I thought about it more, I realized that bees are very important for this world.  Bees are the main pollinator for most plants and flowers.   This includes tons of fruit crops.  They rely on the pollen and nectar as a source of food.  When the pollen sticks to their feet and they move to the next flower, they pollinate .  Without them, the plants would not be able to reproduce.  Honey Bees are one of the main sources for this.  By killing those bees, thousands and thousands of pollinators are gone.   There is already a shortage of bees, which could be detrimental in the future.  Check out these pictures and decide for yourself if there was another way it could have been taken care of.

My tip this week is to respect all creatures, no matter how big or small.






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