Making Friends is Important

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Tonight I went to a BBQ that basically turned into a puppy party.  I have a couple of friends with new puppies, so everyone wanted to come over and meet the new family members.  It dawned on me when we were there that this would be a great topic for my tip of the week.

I think it is so important to socialize your pets, there are however a few rules you need to follow to do it safely.

1.)  If you have an older dog that doesn’t get along with other dogs, they probably need to stay home.  You want the experience to be positive for all the animals involved.  Try working on your more aggressive dogs socialization one on one with other dogs, puppy parties are not the time.

2.)  Only invite dogs that you know are healthy and have been vaccinated.  By now, if you have been reading my blogs you probably know that my #1 huge rule is DO NOT BRING YOUR NEW PUPPY TO PUBLIC PLACES BEFORE THEY ARE FULLY VACCINATED, 4 MONTHS OLD, AND HAVE HAD AT LEAST 3 SETS OF SHOTS.

Here is where you can break this rule.  I think it is acceptable to bring your new puppy for socialization to friends houses.  Just make sure as previously stated that their dogs are healthy and vaccinated.

It is so healthy for them to start playing with other dogs of all ages.  Today we had from age 12 weeks to 10 years, and they were all playing, following each other around, playing tug of war, and exploring together.

Another huge plus for puppy parties…the dogs are usually exhausted after them.

For questions on how to socialize your pet, email me at


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Testify! Dog parties are great but be certain their temperament is OK. Make sure you have lots of frozen water bowls too for them to lick and play with.

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