Nina, Indy & Lola’s Urban Coyote Encounter

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We know they’re out there and occasionally we hear their frenzied howls when a small animal becomes dinner. But when I take my morning walks with my two dogs, I always hope the neighborhood coyotes are in for the day, after a night on the prowl. But a few days ago as I walked Indy ( a medium sized Border Collie) and Lola ( a small “coyote bait” type dog), one big, hungry looking coyote tried to join us. Unfortunately, we were in a low traffic area with a lot of open space and no where to hide.
The coyote was a few feet ahead of us, exactly in the pathway we needed to go to get home. Indy spotted the coyote and immediately started barking. I froze and grabbed my pepper spray, struggling to hold back the two dogs. This coyote seemed to know we knew he was there, and he wasn’t about to go anywhere.
Once I thought the coyote had trotted far enough ahead of us, we continued walking. But sure enough, the coyote appeared again, tucked into a bush seemingly waiting for us to pass.
I froze again. Finally, I flagged down a woman passing by in her SUV. I politely asked if she would put her car between our walking trio and the coyote until we could get to the busy intersection. She kindly agreed and watched as the coyote continued walking not far ahead of us on the opposite sidewalk. When we arrived at the intersection, the coyote proceeded in the same direction we needed to go. So I finally gave in and took the long way home.
Our 45 minute walk turned into more than two hours. Indy and Lola were panting and seemed confused as to why our stroll became a two-plus hour marathon. But we avoided the coyote and any chance Lola would become breakfast. The coyote was never aggressive towards us, but he was just too close. One thing is certain, our urban coyotes are not afraid of us!

Does anyone know what to do when you come face to face with a coyote? Has anyone had a similar encounter?


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One Response to “Nina, Indy & Lola’s Urban Coyote Encounter”

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Sounds like you and your children have had an
eventful week,no wonder I haven’t heard from you!
REmember Drew’s event with a pack of coyotes in
the same area? Maybe you need to vary your route-
& what happened to Indy? Are you sure you are
taking good care of my granddogs? L, JJ

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