Who knows what to feed my pet?

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For every pet owner one of the toughest questions we have is what is the best food to feed our pet without breaking the bank.  I know this is a question I am constantly trying to figure out.  There are a couple of  things to keep in mind when trying to find the best food for your pet.

1.)  Does your pet have any special dietary needs.  If your pet has food allergies you may need to purchase a food with specific proteins, or if your pet has a sensitive stomach, like mine, you may need to find a bland diet that will work with their digestion.

2.)  As a general rule, the more whole ingredients, the better the food is for your pet.  Unfortunately, that usually means the more expensive it is.

One website you can look into is www.dogfoodanalysis.com.  They rate the foods on a scale of 1 to 5.  5 being the best.  The site isn’t the most userfriendly, but it has some good information on it if you can navigate the site.  To my surprise, the food I had my dogs on Purina one, was only rated as a 1.  Science diet which is recommended by most veterinary hospitals is also rated a 1.  Kirland, the costco brand, was rated as a 3, and is much cheaper at only about $22 for 40lbs than most other brands.

So here is what I am going to do personally.  My dog Faith has a very sensitive stomach.  She vomits whenever she has a different food.  She is currently on Purina One Chicken and Rice and has no vomiting.  I will definately continue her on this food due to the consistency she has had on it.  It is relatively inexpensive, and while only rated a 1, it has better ingredients than many foods.  I am going to try to switch Moose to the Kirkland Costco brand.  It seems to have better ingredients and is cheaper than the Purina One he is on.

Remember if you decide to switch your pets food, always do it slowly.  You shouldn’t switch is any faster than over a weeks period of time.  That means you slowly start to mix in the new food with the old food.  Gradually you increase the new and decrease the old until they are totally switched.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, and I would be more than happy to steer you in the right direction.

Devon Bozlinski, petopia.tv


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My two dogs are both on the chubby side. I’ve been trying to cut down on their serving sizes, but nothing is working. Thanks for the tip, I’m going to check out the dog food analysis site!

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