Fun Cat Facts

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So since I gave some love to our viewers who have dogs last week, this week I think it only fair to spend some time with our cat lovers.  Here are some little known facts that you may not know about your cat.  I got my information from and


According to, cats can’t taste sugary foods, probably because of the high protein diet of mostly meat.


Cats can produce up to 100 different vocalizations compared to a dogs 10. Purring seems to be associated when a cat seems “happy” or content, however cats have been known to purr when hurt.  It is said to be a possibility that the frequency of the vibrations may promote healing.


Cats can rotate their ears 180 degrees in order to localize a sound.  They hear at higher frequencies than humans and dogs, from 30-60 khz.


Cats can smell things we are not even aware of because of their highly sensitive cells in their noses.


Cats cans see in extremely low lights due to mirror like cells behind the retina that reflect all available light into the retina.


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