Little Known Dog Facts

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For this week’s tip of the week, I thought I would give some facts about dogs senses.  I got my information from

I thought it was interesting how dogs are adapted for their environment with regards to their sight, hearing and smell.


It was believed for a long time that dogs were not able to see color.  However, now it is believed that dogs can see some shades of color such as purples or yellows.  They cannot see details like humans can, however, they can pick up movement much better and are more sensitive to light.  It is even believed that while humans have a peripheral vision of around 180 degrees, some breeds can see up to 270 degrees peripherally.


I don’t think it is a surprise to anyone that dogs have a fantastic sense of smell.  Many of the features of their heads are actually adapted to assist in their sense of small.  For instance, breeds with very large ears like hounds have a very specific use for those long ears.  They are used to waft up the scent of something they are tracking and waft the scent up into the dogs olfactory system.  Pretty interesting huh?!  So those giant ears are not just there to be cute.  According to, the cells used for smelling in a dog cover the area the size of a handkerchief, while a humans is only the size of a postage stamp.


A dog’s range of hearing is much great than a human’s.  They can hear excellent at both lower and higher frequencies.  Most breeds also have the ability to move their ears in the direction the sound is coming from in order to pin point it and hear the sound better.  Dogs with pointy ears that stand up seem to have better hearing than those with floppy ears.

Thought for they day, perhaps then dogs with floppy ears have a better sense of smell than those with pointy ears?

Devon Bozlinski


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