Stay Safe this 4th of July

Posted on July 4, 2009. Filed under: 3. Trainer On Call |

1.) Fireworks can be very scary for pets, so keep your pets locked safely inside your house during the 4th holiday.  Even if you think your pet won’t react, it is much better to be safe than sorry.  If you know your pet will react to the noise and you have a kennel, consider locking them in the kennel if they are kennel trained and give them lots of blankets that are familiar to them in case they want to bury themselves and hide.  Another option, stay home and comfort them.

2.)Remember the safety tips about keeping your pet cool in the summer.  This especially applies to a day like the 4th of July.  Never put your pet in your car, even if you are near the car and it is just for a few minutes, they can overheat quickly.

3.)Test the ground, if you can’t stand comfortably on it barefoot, neither can your pet, get them to an area where the ground is cool so they don’t get blistered feet.

4.)Make sure they have lots and lots of water.  If they run out, it is time to head home.

5.)Be careful feeding your pets people food at picnics.  If their stomachs aren’t used to it, they can get sick and even get pancreatitis, an inflammation in the pancreas that can require hospitalization.

6.)If you encounter a scared pet, never chase it.  If it is calm, try to entice them towards you with treats.  Do whatever you can to avoid them from running from you.  Move slowly.  If the pet is aggressive, you must protect yourself first, do not try to get the pet if there is a chance you will get bit.  Instead call in professionals like the animal control.   If you are able to get the animal, check for a collar and tags.  You can take the pet to any shelter or veterinary hospital to have it checked for a microchip to help find its mom or dad.


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