Stop the Fleas…PLEASE!

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It’s that time of year and fleas are everywhere.  It is very important to keep your pets on flea control.  In San Diego it is usually needed year round, but this time of year especially.  If you have a puppy or kitten too young for flea control, use a flea comb to remove the fleas.  This is very important.  Kittens and puppies can get flea anemia, which can be fatal if they are infested.

You can find a number of flea products at your local pet store.  Stay away from the cheap brands like Hartz etc.  I have seen cases where the pets actually got sick.  I also don’t recommend the flea baths or dips you find from pet stores.    They cost more, but the veterinary brands are much better for your pet.  Stick to the products like Advantage, Revolution, Frontline or Comfortis.  Every pet is different, so if you find one product not working for them, switch to another.  Remember when choosing a product, the more parasites it controls, the less likely it is to kill the individual parasite.  So, if you want to control only fleas, but have a product that kills a bunch of other stuff like mites, ticks etc, it may be less effective against the fleas.  If you need a product for heart worm also, I recommend doing a separate heart worm treatment.

Here is a quick breakdown for how they work.

Name                                   Applicaton                   Kills/Prevents

Advantage                           Topical                          Fleas

Advantix                               Topical                          Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes

Advantage Multi                 Topical                          Fleas,   Heart worm Prevention,

Internal Parasites

Frontline                              Topical                          Fleas

Revolution                           Topical                          Fleas, heart worm, ear mites

and some skin mites

Comfortis                             Pill                                  Fleas

Remember killing the fleas on your pet will only go so far.  If you don’t treat your environment, your pets will continue to get bit by the fleas.  You will need to vacuum your house multiple times a day and wash all the bedding your pet uses.  You may require a chemical treatment for your yard or home.

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