Come Fido Come…no really I mean Come!

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faithmotionHow many times have you seen it, an owner is calling their dog, chasing it through the park, and the dog thinks they are playing chase and just running away from their owner faster.   By chasing your pet trying to get it to come to you, you are actually reinforcing them running away from you.

First you need to establish control points at home.  Work on having the pet sit and stay, then come when called.  Next call them when they are occupied doing something, and not focusing on you.  Make sure you always reinforce them coming with treats and lots of love.  Once you are comfortable with them coming around your house and yard, take them to a park that is fenced in.  Let your pet play and every now and then tell them to come.  When they do, again reinforce them for it.

Once you are comfortable with the fenced in park, you can begin taking your pet to beaches, and unfenced parks.  Don’t move onto the unfenced areas until you are positive your pet will come when called.  Especially when there are distractions and other pets around. Continue with the same reinforcement when they come when called.

Establishing a positive reinforcement history in a controlled environment and carrying it over to a less controlled environment gradually, should help your pet maintain control.  The key is to make the switch gradually.

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