Three Days After Surgery

Posted on May 28, 2009. Filed under: 3. Trainer On Call |

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It’s been 3 days since Moose came home from his surgery.  Yesterday we sedated him for awhile because he was getting antsy laying on the same side all the time.
The most important thing for him right now is to not let him put a lot of weight on his knee.  If he does, he could break the bone and then the whole thing is shot and there is nothing much we can do at that point.  Moose is allowed to walk on it to go to the bathroom, but that is basically it.  At night we have been sleeping in our family room with a leash wrapped around our wrist so if he gets up we wake up.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt at about 3 am, and let him have a little more leash…he decided to jump up on the couch.  I almost had a heart attack.
I was about to take his bandage off tonight and noticed some fluid build up on his thigh.   I took him back to the vet to have them assess the situation and everything is fine.  (Let me tell you how interesting it is traveling with him in the back of a convertible.)  They said to start massaging the area and warm compress it to help the fluid go down.  We also started our first physical therapy session with range of motion exercises.
The pics are Moose with his droopy eyes and me starting his physical therapy.

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